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Mariusz Rafał Sokołowski

Mariusz Rafał Sokołowski [foto]
Data urodzenia:


Uczelnia:Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu
09-1993 - 06-1999
Poznań, Polska
stacjonarne (dzienne) - magister

Preferowany zawód

Rodzaj zatrudnienia:Praca stała
Branża:Bankowość i usługi finansowe
Stanowisko:Research Anayst
Rodzaj zatrudnienia:Praca stała
Branża:Bankowość i usługi finansowe
Stanowisko:Manager R & D
Rodzaj zatrudnienia:Praca stała
Stanowisko:Transition Analyst & Coordinator

Doświadczenie zawodowe

Pracodawca: Stream Global Services
06-2013 - 12-2013
Stanowisko:IT Technical Support Specialist
Providing Technical Support for Poland Market end-users : -- Analyzing and diagnosing the source of the trouble
-- Remote troubleshooting and solving of complex computer systems incidents using company database infodesk ; -
Avaya product solutions, applications installations and issues for Software Platforms, Call Centre Management
Software solutions -- Dispatching engineers for On-site support, organizing faulty hardware Part Replacement
-- Collaboration over resolving cases with Backbone engineers - Escalating more complex incidents to Tier 3
Pracodawca: Eurrocor
01-2012 - 06-2012
Stanowisko:Technical Customer Care Analyst
Providing 1st line Technical Support for Poland, EMEA, USA, APAC -- Analyzing and diagnosing the source of the
trouble; -- Log all calls and chats to helpdesk system : Remedy
-- Remote troubleshooting and solving of software and hardware incidents ; - Software installations and issues for
consumers using DYMO Software, Label makers and Business Card Scanners in MS Windows and Mac Apple OS
-- Providing Pre-sales detailed information & advice and After Sales Warranty & Repair service of DYMO, CardScan
and Rhino machines and software -- escalating more complex incidents when appropriate to 2-nd Line
Pracodawca: Samsung Electronics Poland Manufacturing
04-2010 - 07-2010
Wronki Polska
Stanowisko:Service Quality Implementation Project
Consulting and implementation of service quality claims system and service quality analysis system in the Washing Machine factory just bought by Samsung from Amica. Conducting staff training in new systems.
Pracodawca: SBA - my own business
02-2009 - 01-2012
Poznań Polska
Doradztwo / Konsulting
Stanowisko:Business Relations Consultant
Main Projects: - Managing, consulting and developing of Leszek Prandota OSK Rondo School, 2011, Olsztyn
--Managing of School of English for Jakub Koralewski - 2010, Poznan, Poland
-- Managing, consulting, developing - of Tomasz Wiwatowski Work & Travel Agency ,2009, Poznan, Poland
Managing, consulting, resolving problems, financially advising and developing private schools; translating English documents; negotiating, consulting and extending business contracts
Pracodawca: Barclays Bank
09-2006 - 01-2009
Wielka Brytania
Bankowość i usługi finansowe
Stanowisko:Financial Customer Avisor
Resolving credit and debit card issues, Customer relationship management, Winning of new clients, solving their problems and complaints; customer support, expert advice of banking products; KYC & fraud prevention
Pracodawca: Princess Cruises
01-2003 - 01-2006
Stany Zjednoczone
Hotelarstwo / Gastronomia / Turystyka
Stanowisko:F & B Administrator
Food & Beverage Services Amin Job at cruise ships, International Team
Pracodawca: Bims Plus
07-1999 - 06-2001
Poznań Polska
Finanse i księgowość
Stanowisko:Accounts Payable Associate
Allocating invoices against payments in purchase ledger, release invoices for payment within discount and VAT refund term, analyzing of real purchase prices against order prices


Szkolenie:Complex computer systems troubleshooting in Avaya project
06-2013 - 08-2013
Stream Global Services
, Brazylia ()
Szkolenie:IT software troubleshooting and technical support in Dymo Project
01-2012 - 02-2012
, Bułgaria ()
Szkolenie:Anti Money Laundering
01-2011 - 01-2011
Bankers Academy
Szkolenie:Web-Online Marketing
08-2010 - 08-2010
Szkolenie:Managing Service Quality and Complaints System
03-2008 - 03-2008
Barclays Bank
, Wielka Brytania ()
Szkolenie:KYC and Fraud Prevention
04-2008 - 04-2008
Barclays Bank
, Wielka Brytania ()
Szkolenie:Business Development Strategy Based on EU Funds
09-2009 - 09-2009
Poznań, Polska (pl)
Szkolenie:Establishing and Running your own Business
10-2009 - 10-2009
Poznań, Polska (pl)
Szkolenie:Intercultural Communication
03-2009 - 03-2009
Polish Professionals in London
, Wielka Brytania ()
Szkolenie:Managing Stress
04-2004 - 04-2004
Priness Cruises
, Stany Zjednoczone ()
Szkolenie:Solving problems in teams
05-2004 - 05-2004
Priness Cruises
, Stany Zjednoczone ()
Szkolenie:Internal Audit in Public Finance
09-2005 - 11-2005
Warszawa, Polska (pl)
Szkolenie:Personal Finance Management
03-2010 - 08-2010
Poznań, Polska (pl)


Projekt:SBA - my won business
11-2010 - 01-2012
Developing of Driving License School - OSK Rondo School
Managing, consulting, developing, financial advisory & resolving problems in Tax Office, National Insurance Office & Banks - of Leszek Prandota OSK Rondo,Olsztyn, Poland
Olsztyn, Polska (pl)
Projekt:SBA - my won business
02-2010 - 11-2010
Developing of School of English - Bogatylektor.pl
Marketing Managment and Financial Advisory for Jakub Koralewski Private School of English - Bogatylektor.pl - Poznan, Poland
Poznań, Polska (pl)
03-2010 - 03-2010
Translation in Samsung Electronics Poland
Review, translation, editing and proofreading of the High Tech Know How materials fom English into Polish
Wronki, Polska (pl)
Projekt:SBA - my won business
05-2009 - 01-2010
Developing of Travel Agency - Work & Travel
Managing, consulting, developing - of Tomasz Wiwatowski Work & Travel Agency ,Poznan, Poland
Poznań, Polska (pl)
Projekt:Book of Hope
10-2001 - 11-2001
Simultanous Interpreter
Simultaneous English-Polish Interpreter in BOOK OF HOPE project in polish high schools against drugs.Organized by Vocatio.
, Polska (pl)